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I started Wayfaring Spoon back in 2010 by accident. After 27 years of raising my daughters, working full time, and cooking for a full family every night, I sent my youngest off to college. And there I sat- staring at my empty kitchen, in my empty house, with about eight weeks worth of lasagna in the garage freezer with no one to eat it but me.

It was time to rescale everything in my life. And my kitchen was coming with me.

I started reaching out to people all over the nation- empty nesters, newlyweds, college grads- looking for that thing that connects all of us movers and shakers together in times of transition. Wayfaring Spoon became that really good, easy home cooked meal inspiration we all shared together online as we exchanged stories of change and our shared distaste for eating that same old lasagna. 



Certified Master Preserver Utah State Extension Services
Master Wellness Volunteer Texas A&M Extension Services
Certified Health Coach


What We Do

Today, Wayfaring Spoon is an online community and resource center for anyone adjusting their culinary needs to fit life's "next big thing."  Wayfaring Spoon also provides group or individual health/food coaching along with kitchen organizing that fits your health goals.

Wherever life takes you, however often your kitchen changes, we're hear to help you match small scale cooking to your big sized adventures. Because after all, home is where you spoon. 


"I was a fish out of water when my partner and I moved into our first place together. If it weren't for Stacy, Sam and I would still be eating reheated mac & cheese and Oreos. Instead, we went through her local workshop and learned how to properly stock our kitchen, shop smartly, spice up our favorite meals, and not feel embarrassed when we're asked to bring something to the Thanksgiving table. I follow her recipe posts religiously and reach out whenever I need a little support.

Wayfaring Spoon truly changed my confidence in the kitchen and I'm never going back."

/  J. Hope, Satisfied client  /